Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guilty pleasures

So, I am confessing one of my guilty pleasures here....Celebrity gossip. While I do not let it run my life, I have to say, I do like knowing how things are going in Hollywood land. I am a hopeless romantic and am always crushed when my favorite Hollywood couples split..I mean, if Brad and Jen couldn't make it, who can? I've now replaced that with...if Brad and Angelina can't make it, who can. Oh well. So, I have put on the sidebar, a feed from my favorite celebrity gossip website.....Im not obsessed dot com. The owner is down to earth, practical and does not feed off of negativity. She does not just focus on gossip. She does fashion pieces and also runs fabulous contests! So, if you are like me and need your daily dose of Hollywood, check it out!!!
Also, while I am confessing here, what are your guilty pleasures?

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