Thursday, October 9, 2008

Double Savings..update

So, I went to Kroger and purchased the Febreeze Noticeables kit. I also purchased the candle. They scanned my Kroger card, which gave me $5 off the Noticeable and $2 off the candle. I handed him the paper coupons for $5 off the noticeable and $1 off the candle. It was beeping and he went to customer service and asked and they told him it was fine. He manually entered both. So, I know it is "legal". But, the only reason it beeped, I think, is because the $10 off the Febreeze Noticeable was giving an overage. I do not think it beeps if there is no overage....just a little tidbit! It did not beep when I made my purchase last night, and it was a simple overage!

Double Savings Yeah!

I did the double e-coupon and paper coupon at Kroger last night and it absolutely does work! SO, there are Febreeze noticeables on sale for 6.89. There is a $5 e-coupon and a $5 coupon from the paper, so it would be an overage! I am gonna post the deals from this and shortcuts also! I know off the top of my head there is a $1 off the e-coupon on P and G and $1 off from the paper on Crest. It is 2/$4 this week, so they would be free
Only bad thing (if there is one) is you only have 1 e-coupon! So, you can only work a deal once. But, it might be good because you wont arrive to empty shelves from people who had 10 coupons! =)

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