Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homemade Glass Cleaner

I started reviewing all of my "homemade cleaning products", but I did not get to finish...Duty called (duty being a 2 yr. old that should have been in bed!). So here is my review on my glass cleaner
  • Recipe
  • Equal parts vinegar and water (that's it! How easy is that!)

Verdict: Love it! My Windex was beginning to leave my windows streaked, feel like I could never get them clean! My vinegar and water solution is great! It cleans windows so easily! I love it! 5 stars!

Kids Clothes

If you are like me, shopping clearance for children's clothes is next to impossible with the children with you. Even shopping for current things on sale is impossible. Well, I have found a solution that works so great for me! I shop online. My two favorite's are Khol's and Old Navy. I sit here, in my own home and take my time looking through everything (keeping the kids busy coloring, etc.). I can get such great deals! You can also enter coupon codes, which can be found online too! I shop through clearance, you enter a size and it sorts it out for you. No more searching through piles of clothes that have been rummaged through, screaming kids in tow! Shipping is also a good deal. I go for it when there is a special. Kohl's has 3.95 shipping right now (I think it is a special), Old Navy has $7 flat rate shipping. This is worth it when you factor time, gas money, hassle getting there and them not having anything in the size you need, etc.
I shopped Old Navy Maternity like crazy when I was pregnant! I loved it! If something didn't work out, I would return it in-store and receive full credit!
Definitely worth looking into!!!

Meijer MealBox 3