Thursday, September 11, 2008

Giant Eagle

We are going to link to some of the weekly deals at Giant Eagle. We have so many friends and family members from our home town that would appreciate this! So, while Kroger is our number one, (Go Kroger!), here are the deals you can get at Giant Eagle..Click here to save!
This comes courtesy of Marcy over at "Stretching a Buck". She has an awesome and helpful blog, so make sure you check it out. You can find it on the side of this page!
Thanks Marcy!

Friday Night Premieres!

Ok, so tonight is the premiere of "Don't Forget the Lyrics." at 9:00 p.m. on Fox. This is not a new show, so I think everyone has seen or heard of it...People have to sing songs and get chances to "sing the next lines". I, personally, have never been too interested. I was excited when it came out, I wanted to like it, but I never really got into it.
Did anyone watch last night shows? I did hung up on all the play back videos from 9-11...WOW! I remember that day so clearly, but watching and reliving it, sad! I am praying for those people and their families... How unbelievable!

Stay up to date with the up coming premieres, we will be posting when, where, why, etc. We will also probably talk alot about them!!! WE LOVE OUR SHOWS!!!
Click here for the complete fall line-up!

Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast? So, I was getting out of the shower today and there were two towels. A nice soft fuzzy warm and cozy one and one not so new, not so fuzzy and warm looking one....So, which one did I grab...The not so great one, of course. I thought...aww that'll be a very nice towel for my husband or one of the young kids. Why is that we, as women, tend to do that to ourselves? We always eat the "burnt toast". When we prepare our meals for our husbands, our children, anyone, we tend to take the plate that is the "least appealing". I often sacrifice a shower, due to the fact that everyone else needs one and we are short on time. Oh, and here is the best one, why do we often order a small salad and water, if dining out, as to offset the cost of your mates largest steak dinner and the largest beer ever? It is ingrained in us, (well most of us anyways)...we do that...we make the sacrifice! It seems so unfair at times, but.................. at the end of the day, when all the angelic faces are fast asleep and so sweet, it is worth every sacrifice!
Here's to all the ladies for being strong enough to not be selfish and to be the "invisible hands" that take care of those that need us the most!!!

Friendly Friday!

Well, I know we posted about this a few days ago, but we decided to make it a weekly venture, hopefully it will catch on! It is Friendly Friday! So, every Friday, we will post an idea, action, etc. of something you can do to make a world a brighter place!
Ok, this is one I am going to do for sure, it would be so sweet to receive something like this! Christmas? That is what I am thinking. For adults, children, anyone to have this, it would be PRICELESS!!! Ready? Ok, here it is!
  • Everyday for one year, jot down something you love about a loved one...son, daughter, husband, mom, dad, wife....and the list goes on and on. It could be "the way you laugh", "the way you say peek-a-boo", I think you can get the idea. At the end of the year, present this one-of-a-kind gift in a one-of-a-kind package!
Ok, this touches me on a few levels....First, how awesome is this idea? It just screams sentiment! Second, is it me, or is it hard to remember why you do love someone sometimes? It is so easy to get caught up in unpulled shower curtains, underwear on the bathroom floor and dishes in the sink (some of my favorite pet peeves =)). I need to remind myself of these things and this would do it daily...I love my husband, do not get me wrong, but...well, you know! So, I think this would be a great thing for everyone..Imagine a child, grown up, looking at this sweet!
*article courtesy of "Real Simple".."48 Ways to Be Nice and Improve the World Around You".

Remembering September 11th

Ecclesiastes 9:12 (Whole Chapter) People can never predict when hard times might come. Like fish in a net or birds in a trap, people are caught by sudden tragedy.

We ask that everyone take a moment of silence..and a moment of prayer for those who were lost on this tragic day 7 years ago. Also, for all of the heroes who risked their lives to save another. For all of those who lost a loved one, and for all of those who survived it. May God Bless..

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