Thursday, October 2, 2008

Giant Eagle

Here are the Giant Eagle deals for the week of 10/02-10/09. They are courtesy of Stretching a Buck. Be sure to stop by her awesome blog here! She puts the coupon links and everything on there for optimal savings! Be sure to click on the bar on the side of our blog to print some valuable coupons too!

Old Navy Sale

Old navy is having another big sale this weekend. It is coined the "1492" sale. They are having over 1,492 items on sale for 14.92 or less. It also said "get one two or three items for 14.92 also". I think this may be worth checking out!
I am not seeing it on the website, I saw it while I was watching my show last night! See, it pays to watch television! Oh and Lipstick Jungle is so good! I love it!

Caramel Apples!

So, I guess we are on the subject of last post, so I thought it would be good to put a post about our class "treat". We were able to bring a treat in, on behalf of my son. It was his turn. I am sure many schools do this, taking turns, letting children "share" something with the class. Well, I toiled over this decision. I don't know why, but I could not think of what to bring? No nuts, candy, cupcakes, etc.; there goes all my ideas! Then I figured it out! Caramel apples! Healthy, not too boring, cute, seasonal, and frugal!
Well, we made them (he got to help), and they were so easy! We bought caramels with sticks in the bag. All you do is melt caramel and a few tbsp. water on the stove, dip and put on buttered wax paper. Refrigerate and that's it! I wrapped them in more wax paper with bows (to make them pretty). All in all, I think this is gonna be a great, if you are out of ideas on something similiar...maybe this is an idea you might be able to use!


Ok, maybe I am getting a little "soft", my oldest child is sleeping in his own bed is causing me to reflect about him. He is kind of growing up. Now I know a lot of children never slept with mom and dad, so they have always had their own beds, but my son has always slept with us...this sleeping alone thing is a big step forward for him! Me also, I kind of miss the little guys knees in my back, in some crazy twisted way!
So, we were in our local grocery store the other day and we saw his preschool teacher, (wow, I love preschool...some quiet time!). Anyways, she said "hi" to him and he acted shy. She said "I know you are not shy!". This hit me so big.. she is the only person who has a special relationship with him that I do not have! She knows a side of him I will never see! Sure, they let you come to the class if you would like, but they also guarantee they will act differently! She sees a side of him I have never and will never see! It is so strange. I have been with him, I am thinking literally every waking and sleeping, for that matter, moment of his life! I understand everything he's done, why he's done it and can predict what he is going to do next in almost any situation. Sure, he's stayed at grandma and papa's, but I usually get a pretty detailed and honest report of all the funny things that took place, if he listened, etc. This doesn't happen to the same extent in preschool.
My reflection, I guess, is my baby boy is growing up! He is out there acting independently, doing who knows what, saying who knows what, (hopefully, not some things he's said at home!), acting, playing, etc. and he doesn't have me there correcting him! It is weird, but great at the same thought that keeps going through my mind is "I hope I did a good job!".
We prepare our children for this and the decisions he's making now are so small compared to the big picture, teen yrs., etc. but, he is making independent decisions! It is so bitter baby is growing up =( / my baby is growing up =) .....but I do know in my heart, he is making me proud!

Glorious Day!

I hope I am not jinxing anything here, but my 4 year old son has decided he is to big to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed! I know, why was he 4 sleeping there anyways...I've heard it a million times! We just could not put him in his room screaming until he fell asleep! We tried things over the years, but nothing stuck. The fact of the matter was, we were all sleeping and that was important overall to us! BUT........for some crazy reason that I love, he is on his third night of completely sleeping there, in his own bed, from falling asleep to waking, and I love him for it! Yahoo!
Feels good to stretch out at night!

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