Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Family Fun

I have found more family fun over at Cincinnati Cents! She posts "Taking Time Thursday", and has some more great ideas for things to do in the area with the family. Check it out here!
Thanks again Cincinnati Cents!

Giant Eagle Deals for the week

Here are the Giant Eagle Deals for this week. Marcy at "Stretching a Buck" posted them here. The power has been out across Ohio, so everything is a little behind! Better late than never...right? Thanks Marcy for getting this together in such a hectic week!!!


Well, our poll has now come to a close! Thanks for all that voted!!! So, the results? Men are actually doing a lot better than I thought! Good for them! I am thrilled to see they help with the housework....They came out more than 50% do help, so that is good to hear! As for us women saving money while shopping with them? nope...ladies leave the hubbies at home if you are truly trying to save some money! =)


So, my husband baked cookies on Monday. Yeah! What a pleasant surprise! Here is what I found in the 'fridge on Wed. Seriously, he could not fit that on the cookie sheet?
I'm just sayin!!

Buddies Soaps

Check out this great post here by Money Saving Mom. You can get free "buddies soaps"! She explains how...and it is good at almost all stores, so no special trip...put it on your regular grocery list. Even those of you who aren't "coupon crazy" can do this...One coupon, free simple!!!!

Tax Relief

I know many people were affected by hurricane Ike, we were fortunate enough to have a fraction of the worst of it happen here! We have power and are very damage to us, the house, we are very lucky! So, I came across this article on Fox 19 news about being eligible for tax relief! Hopefully, this will help at least some of you! The article is here, so click and see if it applies to you! Good Luck!

Prayer Chain

We know many people in the country and many people who probably read this blog have been affected by hurricane Ike. We were fortunate enough to experience the smallest fraction of what others have! Our prayers and thoughts are with you. We were thinking (we'll see how it goes), but if you wanted to put a little post in the comments if you have someone specific you are praying for, we could start a prayer chain for those in need.. The least we can do is to help and pray for those in need!

Bleach Alternative

So, I made a batch of natural "bleach alternative". I am kind of excited, my whites have been a little off lately, so I have been experimenting. Nothing is really working, this is my next experiment...
I went to the dollar store and purchased a lot of lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. (It really is inexpensive here!) SO heres the recipe: (I used a rinsed out gallon milk container)
  1. Pour 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide in the container
  2. Pour 1 1/4 cups lemon juice with it
  3. Add 12 cups water
That's it! Shake it up and you are ready to go...You are supposed to use 2 cups in a load. I will be using it today, so I will report and let you know how it goes! Keep our fingers crossed, I love white whites!!!

Works for Me Wednesday

We are writing this and posting over at "Works for Me Wednesday", sponsored by "Rocks in my Dryer".
Here's my tip...(this is a great one too)! Ok, have you ever baked homemade cookies and they become hard and crunchy in, what seems like, 5 minutes later? Well, just put them in a container with a piece of bread (any bread will do), and voila! You will have soft chewy cookies! This is a great trick because it is frustrating to spend all that time baking and the result; mediocre cookies! This will solve your "crunchy cookie problems"! You can also put piece of bread in your bag of brown sugar and it will keep it from getting hard also! Happy baking!

Meijer MealBox 3