Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

We are writing this and posting over at "Works for Me Wednesday", sponsored by "Rocks in my Dryer".
Here's my tip...(this is a great one too)! Ok, have you ever baked homemade cookies and they become hard and crunchy in, what seems like, 5 minutes later? Well, just put them in a container with a piece of bread (any bread will do), and voila! You will have soft chewy cookies! This is a great trick because it is frustrating to spend all that time baking and the result; mediocre cookies! This will solve your "crunchy cookie problems"! You can also put piece of bread in your bag of brown sugar and it will keep it from getting hard also! Happy baking!


Momof3 said...

Apples work too. didn't know the bread worked for cookies though. Thanks

Sisters Savings said...

Thanks for reading momof3! I will have to try the apples too! thanks for sharing!

Nancy Sabina said...

That's a great tip. Also, if you take your cookie recipe and look at however much butter OR Crisco it calls for and instead use 1/2 butter AND 1/2 Crisco, you're cookies will plump up nicely and stay soft longer. My Mom taught me that trick and it always works!

Sisters Savings said...

Thanks Nancy for that great tip! I'll definitely do that!

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