Monday, September 8, 2008

Being led astray by false idols

Sorry we are late on the Sunday sermon posting. However, not too late to start your week with a serving of scripture!!

Yesterday's church message was very impactful (as always) and also very relevant today. Oprah has been an inspiring and (obviously successful) role model for people everywhere. However, it is easy for people to sometimes become sucked into all of the hype and fall victim to false teachings. There is a lot of hype out there about "bettering your inner-self", etc..and so much of it is not Bible or God based. We have to be careful!

It's important for us all to remember that there is only one God and one truth and that is found in the Bible. Not in a random "self-help" book written by a successful person.

Zechariah 13:2 (Whole Chapter) “And on that day,” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, “I will erase idol worship throughout the land, so that even the names of the idols will be forgotten. I will remove from the land both the false prophets and the spirit of impurity that came with them.

All Natural

Well, I did it...I am currently in the process of switching over to homemade cleaning products.. Those of you that know me are probably saying..."WHAT...NO WAY!!" Not really something I would do, but I have been researching the benefits and, as long as the end result is as good as before, I am all for it. We would benefit cost wise and safety wise, so it seems like a win win situation here! So the things I purchased this weekend were:
  • Fels Naptha (1.29)
  • Borax (3.29)
  • Vinegar (2.19 for a huge bottle!)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (.50 for a regular bottle)
  • Lemon Juice (1.00)
So here are the things I have done so far with it:
  • Washed whites with one cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle. ( I don't know if I did this right, it did not really notice a difference?) I will have to go back and make sure I did it right.
  • Put vinegar in my rinse aid for my dish washer. Worked like a charm! No spots!
  • Put Borax in a load of warm water clothes. Seemed to make them somehow fresher? But, Borax is a laundry booster, so I think it worked!
  • Mixed half vinegar, half water for an "antibacterial spray".
I am going to make my own bleach alternative for clothes and laundry detergent. I will post and picture when I do about the process. I have been reading and all of these cleaning products (store bought) are so harmful to your children and the environment. It is so easy to research. Click here for all the uses of vinegar (you'll be surprised!)
Also, my husband has a shirt with grease stains all over it...Happens to be a nice shirt that would be nice for church, dinner, etc. so, I am not willing to give up on it yet. So, I rubbed Fels Naptha, just the actual bar on each of the stains and it worked!!! This shirt has been stained for a long time!!! It is really amazing!!!!

Meijer Sales

There are some really good deals at Meijer's this week, we are going to just post about a couple of the ones that we thought were significant...
  • If you buy $10 in Nabisco cookies and crackers, you receive $10 off fruit-of-the-loom products for the family (which are also on sale, some for 3.99). So, to work the deal, you need to buy 3 packages of fruit of the loom and $10 worth of Nabisco. If you have Nabisco coupons, you could end up with a great deal here. We decided having just white fruit of the loom t-shirts are great to lounge around in or even sleep in, so soft and comfy..oh and who doesn't love a pair of brand new white socks?
  • The next deal is Electrosol. There was a coupon in the paper for 2.25 off! They are on sale for 2/$6 so .75 for dish washing detergent!
  • Lysol cleaning products are 50% off, and there were tons of coupons in the paper, so you are looking at under a dollar for any of these cleaning items! We could all use more bacterial wipes..right?
  • 10 for $1, get the eleventh, this is great, especially if you have coupons, which there a lot floating around out there for these! Some things on my list are carrots, broccoli, bagged lettuce (yes, only 1.00!!), Kleenex, paper name a few!
Get a complete list of more sale items at Thrifty in The Cincy, click here and here to see them!!!!!
Oh, and Kroger had papers for .99 cents this week!! What a great deal for all those coupons!!!

Meijer MealBox 3