Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Homemade pizza

So, the sale at Kroger this week has really payed out for me. The thing I think I love the best are the Pillsbury 10/$10 crusts, biscuits, etc. I had my coupons from the Pillsbury website and the weekly circulars, so I was ready to save. (I visit to find all my weekly coupons and savings. She posts them right there, you click and print!!) I purchased a variety and thought I would try the pizza crusts. They had a regular one and then a thin crust. I tried both. While I would probably never have tried these, (I like to homemake things like crust), I had the coupon making them from 30-60 cents. What did I have to lose? Well, I definitely made out....these are delicious! They are light, cook nicely, soft and moist..all the things you want your pizza dough to be! I made the kids regular pepperoni, which were delicious, so much better than the frozen variety!! Then I made some "adult" below..

Buffalo Chicken Pizza:
Pillsbury pizza crust
Buffalo sauce
Crumbled bleu cheese
Cut up grilled chicken from the night before

This was delicious..topped with diced tomatoes and ranch dressing!! Yum

Caprese Salad Pizza:
Pillsbury pizza crust
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Sliced Roma tomatoes
Fresh Basil (from my garden)
Fresh mozzerella

This one also, was delicious! So light and tasty! Big hits with the family!

So, do you have any homemade pizza recipes you would like to share? They are so easy to top with anything you like, after all, anything tastes good with bread!

Wedding Favors

So, I have a very dear friend to me who is in the process of planning a wedding and she has come to the part where you figure out what your wedding favors are going to be. While she has some good ideas, I feel as though she is hesitant about them all and I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of anything that was really cute or practical. She will have a beautiful wedding, she has very good taste in everything, so I am sure it will be gorgeous! It is at a country club, so that may help you picture what sort of wedding it will be. If you have seen anything lately that is worth buzzing about, please just leave a post here, so I can pass it on to her! Thanks!!!

Changing it up

So, while I was doing my daily cleaning today, I was thinking about trying to keep the kids occupied long enough so I could finish it completely and move on to the next part of my day. Well a little tip that helps me is to have separate totes filled with toys that you pull out periodically and rotate. If you are like me, we have more toys than our kids can possibly play with at once, so I put only some out at one time. Of course their favorites are never put in totes, but sets of things, etc. i put in separate totes and rotate in and out. So, when I begin a project, cleaning, cooking, anything of the sort, I pull out a tote for each of them and they are occupied for a fair amount of time. When children do not see something for awhile, they act as though they are new toys!

Meijer MealBox 3