Monday, November 17, 2008

Starbucks Coffee Deal

Target is having a great Starbucks coffee deal! They are on sale for $7 a bag. Buy 2 bags of the Starbucks Coffee and get a $5 gift card! That makes them 4.50 a bag! You will never find them for that cheap...heck, you might not find any coffee that cheap!

Also, at Starbucks (the coffee shop) if you buy your coffee there, you receive a free cup of coffee! So, that would be a nice little indulgence there! (It won't be as cheap as at Target though!)


Kroger is running a deal right now....$10 gift card when you purchase $50 or more in gift cards for Best Buy, from Kroger, in one transaction. I am sure we all have that "Best Buy" person on our list we are buying for! Use the gift card to purchase their gift and get $10 in groceries too!
Thanks Marcy at Stretching a Buck!
Click here for the other deals at Kroger this week! Thanks Marcy!

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