Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Green Tip

We are all feeling the pressure to go "green" and help the environment.
I have a little tip that I wanted to share. Did you know that most energy companies will come to your home and do an inspection at no cost. They will let you know if you are conserving energy to the fullest potential of your home and family. I think that it's a great idea for the lower the energy costs, the happier the bank account!!

Summertime blues

Does anyone have the "summertime blues"? I know it is supposed to be the winter time blues but I feel so much pressure in the summer with small children to always be outside! Where we live it is pretty much hot and sunny everyday (I know, who's complaining about that..right?), but sometimes I secretly wish for a rainy day so we can stay in and just relax. Plus, how can i do laundry , dishes, etc. from outside. I often remind myself about the things in life that really count..not clean clothes or dishes, but moments in time when children are laughing and having a blast! So, I am ok then...but I am longing for fall....when the bugs are not as bad, the temperatures are cooler and everything is so beautiful! A slower pace time..this summer has been so jam packed!

Our Mission

This blog is being created to help anyone and everyone from the single to the corporate ceo, a stay at home mom to a full time working mother. We will be focused on the struggles of everyday life and frustrations that come with it to life's little rewards. Life is too short to be unhappy and hopefully this blog will continue to help women find the light on days when there seems to be darkness. We have a small database of knowledge, from interior design to cooking to cleaning and so on. We will talk about everything from television to children to work, etc. Our site will be open to participation from viewers, actually encouraging viewers to share in their experiences! We look forward to providing you with useful information and possibly a little bit of entertainment!

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