Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Here I go again! My "Works for me Wednesday" this week, again, has to do with unpleasant smells. I cannot stand unpleasant smells and work hard to eliminate them in my home. I posted a couple weeks ago about kitchen sponges and how to eliminate odors there!
Well, this one has to do with chicken. I cook chicken almost daily! When I prepare chicken to cook, I am very thorough on cleaning the chicken, cutting off any excess fat, etc. Well, I would throw the unused portion of chicken in my trash can. Leaving uncooked chicken in a trash can for even a short time could end up very unpleasant. Then, the trash would sit in the outdoor can for a time, depending on our trash pick up day, and that would be unpleasant outside! I also tried the disposal, but for some reason, it seemed as though I could never get it completely gone in the drain and smells would start to come from the sink. I quit doing that due to problems from it. So, I needed another solution.
Well, here it is...I have a plastic container with a lid in my freezer that I pull out when I am cleaning chicken. I put any excess that I remove from the chicken, place it in the container, put the lid back on and pop it back in the freezer! This eliminates all of these offensive odors. The chicken stays frozen until trash pick-up! When we put trash out, I simply empty the container in the trash, and it goes out and is gone in a very short time!
Check out all of the helpful hints over at Rocks in My Dryer!

Soups On!

Here is our project for the week. We are picking 3 soups with common ingredients and having a "soup making night" one night this week. We are going to make huge double batches and split them up and freeze them. This will save time and money because these three soups have similiar or the same ingredients, but are very different in taste. Soup is so easy to reheat and delicious too! We are going to make it a "girl's night" of sorts and possibly sip on a glass of wine while we cook!
Here's what we are thinking:
  1. Smoky-Spicy Sweet Potato Soup by Rachael Ray. We had this on Sunday night and could not get enough! Yummy!
  2. French Onion
  3. Some sort of a rotini, tomato, vegetarian soup
We will post pics and recipes when all is said and done!

Huge IKEA Sale! Free Breakfast!

IKEA is at it again! Another Huge sale and more free breakfast! This one is titled "Seize the Days" and there are some great deals here. AND......FREE Breakfast!
Here's the details:
  • Free Breakfast until 10:30 am Sat. Oct. 11- Mon. Oct 13.
  • Offer valid for one small breakfast AND one small coffee.
  • NOT available in Hicksville, Houston and Seattle or IKEA Direct.
What are the best deals?
  • 17 Piece container storage set 1.99..THATS RIGHT! 1.99! They are square too, which fit way better in refrigerators and pantry's. I am going just for this!
  • IKEA cookware set. 19.99! Normally 59.99! Includes 3 and 5 quart pots with lids, saucepan with lid and frying pan! This is a great deal!
  • Dining set for 199.00. Normally 399.00!
  • Flooring .49 square foot. Normally 1.19!
There are also kitchens and appliances on sale also. Click here to check it out!

Free Stuff

So, I went to a few stores and got a few things for free. Dixie napkins are on the 10/10 sale at Meijer. There was a .50 off coupon recently. This made them free! They are cute too! They come in a little box, almost a dispenser, you can set on your table! Thrifty in the Cincy talks about it here.

Johnson and Johnson band aids are on sale for .99 too. There was also a coupon recently for .50 off. When it doubles, they are free. Be careful though, some of the band aids are not marked on sale, but when I scanned them, they were on sale. All of the ones that were marked were sold out, so I tried one of the other ones and, to my surprise, it was on sale!


Purex has a new fabric softener, there has been a lot of coupons lately for it. I found it at Walmart for 2.99. There have been some $1 off coupons, so 1.99 for 52 loads! Worth a shot, I'll let you know how it is! Smells so good though!

There is a great deal at CVS. Buy $20 worth of Tylenol/Motrin products, get $10 in ECB's. I am definitely doing this. Seeing as cold season is upon us, there can never be too much Motrin and Tylenol in the house when you have young kids! There are so many coupons out there for these products also, so that would make the deal even sweeter!

Premieres are continuing!

On Thurs. Oct 9 at 8:30 there is a show airing on NBC called Kath and Kim. This is one of the ones I have been waiting for. It stars Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. These are two wonderful actresses, I love them! SO, I am so excited for this premiere. I really like 30 minute shows, they are easy to fit in!
There is also a premiere at 9:30 on NBC called SNL on Thursday Night. This sounds great. I love SNL, but, like I said before, I can't stay up to watch it! So, I think I will be tuning in to watch this also!

Experience Columbus..Oct 10th-13th

Experience Columbus is Oct.10-13, If you live in or near the Columbus area, this is a great time to get out and do some fun family things! There are tons of dining deals and attraction deals...50% off admission to the zoo, aquarium, Cosi (for adults), and the list goes on and on! Click here to check it out and print out the flyer for all the huge savings!
This is definitely a great time to take the kids to some attractions or get a sitter and have a "date" night with your hubby! I think there is something for everyone there!


Yummy! Culvers is having their famous "butter burgers" for $1 today! It is celebration of their 24 years in business. These burgers are worth full price, so I will be taking the kiddos there today for some awesome burgers! There is a limit of 5 though, but hey, 5 is alot! Enjoy!
click here for the details on their website!

Meijer MealBox 3