Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friendly Friday! (a day early!)

So, I have been thinking and reflecting so much, due to this past weekends events! (In Ohio, we suffered a lot of wind damage and there of tons of people with out power still!) Just so many emotions....being prepared, not being prepared, scared, mad, sorry, happy, lucky, really has been a roller-coaster. I cannot imagine how it would feel to have actually been in the hurricane...felt like we had one here, but I know it had to have been just a fraction of the real thing! My heart and prayers are with everyone who is going through things right now due to this!

Here's my "Friendly Friday" tip..(on Thursday)...
Duke energy workers (or the electric company in your area) have been working soooo hard to restore power...16 hour days, non stop! So, we think we should do something nice for them....Our vision? Baking a batch of cookies, buying a bag of candy, small bags of lunch size chips..anything.. Getting whatever "treat" we choose and handing it out to the first group of workers we come across...(Shouldn't be too hard to find some!) Imagine the smile on their faces when you hand them a treat...So they know their hard work is not unnoticed! They are fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, etc. and they deserve a pat on the back...So, we think this is a great opportunity to "pay it forward"
Please leave a note if you do..we would love to hear your story!!

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