Friday, September 12, 2008

Local Markets...Awesome!

I am posting this for "Family Tip Friday", a new resource over at "BeCentsAble". Check out this blog, it is so useful in alot of ways!
My family tip is really something I was actually planning on doing tomorrow (weather permitting), so I am happy to be able to post about it. I have found a website called "Local Harvest". Click here to check it out! This is awesome! It shows you local farms, produce, markets, etc. I have been trying to find a local open air market in my area....with no luck, until now! Here's my vision:
Kids with me, picking out apples and fruits and vegetables, and loving it. Me not saying no every 5 seconds to Cheetos and Doritos, or other highly processed food. Me saving in my pocket book and feeling good about giving to the local farmers and economy.
Will this happen? I am not sure? I do remember as a young child always going to the "market" with my mom. I was allowed to have whatever I wanted there and I loved it. We would get a huge gourmet, homemade cookie from one of the was always very special to me and still is. Hopefully I can make this a tradition with my family also! Try it out and see what you come up with! Let me know what you find!
And, head on over to "BeCentsAble" to find other family tips!

Kids Sites!

I put an icon on my side bar called "great sites for kids". Bookmark this, it is priceless...I have spent endless hours finding a website for my toddler to work on (helps me get a little done around the house). There are so many to choose from right there from one little click! Enjoy!
Thanks so much to "Rocks in my dryer"!

Bath and Body Works

Wallflowers are on sale for $6! This is a little less than half price.. These are worth the money, they keep your home smelling fresh on a constant basis and are not strong or overpowering, no matter where you put them! For us, noses are a huge component to fall..Do you agree? Isn't fall all about certain smells? Leaves, apples, pumpkins, leaves, cooler air? Those are the things we love about the fall! What better way than to ensure this nostalgia than through a Wallflower from Bath and Body!!!!
The best part is the starter kits (you buy the actual Wallflower once) and the refills are $6! So, if you are doing refills, they are only $3 a piece! That is about as good if not better than other store brand plug-ins and they smell oh so better!!!!

Meijer MealBox 3