Monday, November 10, 2008


So, I got a question from a reader and it asked if I would post my favorite recipe. Thanks so much for inquiring about this, food is my favorite thing in the world! My life revolves around it and I love to cook! This is so hard to answer, I do not have 1 favorite recipe. I have many! So, I decided I would start cooking some of my favorites and post them!
I am sooo in winter, soup and pasta and roasted things right now, so they will be those types of recipes! I have some great ones though!

What I do want to post right now, though, is the simplest recipe you'll ever make for company, a party, etc. It is a crowd pleaser and I owe it to my s-i-l!

Dill dip:
1 cup sour cream
1 cup mayo
Seasoned salt

Mix well. I add dill and seasoned salt and taste, add and taste. I would say start with a small palmful of both!
That's it! I always have those things on hand...chop up some veggies and you are set! This is so much beter than the store bought dill dip too!

30% of At Gap!

I received an e-mail from Gap and I think it is a great deal! Nov. 13- Nov. 16, I can go into the Gap, Gap Outlet, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Banana Republic Factory Stores and save 30%! This also works online.
Here's the best part. They will put 5% of the amount you spend to your favorite non-profit!
Click here to get the online order code or print the coupon!
It says once you pick your favorite non-profit, it will give you another offer to share with friends and family!

Be sure to get out though, oh and they told me to share this, so feel free to forward it on!!!

Meijer MealBox 3