Thursday, September 25, 2008

Design (Decorating) Tip

As of this past Monday, fall is officially here!! As many of you start to pull out the fall decor' are a few suggestions to bring that warm, welcoming, cozy fall essence into your home.
  • Vase Fillers: These can do wonders! You can get vases just about anywhere ( I love what Pottery Barn has to offer, but do what works for you)! Add some fall fillers such as; acorns, pine cones, apples, pears, and various others. You could use several vases of various sizes as a centerpiece on the table, or they can stand alone as accents! You can even incorporate candles into these (with certain vases)...
  • Make Your Own Wreath: You can purchase the "bones" of the wreath at places such as; Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. Start with a wreath made of twigs and add your own arrangements by using artificial leaves, small plastic fruits and pumpkins, etc. All you need is a hot glue gun and you are on your way. It can be a fun project with the kids..and a way to express your own creativity!! It will also be one of a kind which is a major bonus.
  • Paint: If you are up to taking on the task of painting, Sherwin Williams offers some fabulous fall paint tones. There is a link of the side bar which will take you directly to their website where you can browse around for some color ideas!! You may even want to just do an accent wall.

Happy decorating!!

Flu Season

Flu season is approaching. I know, seems to early to say that (and too hot, for us anyways). But, it is officially fall, so it is time to start thinking about these things! Well, if you have a Meijer by you, you are in luck, they offer flu shots! I am not sure how much they are, I think it goes through your insurance, so I would call your insurance company and see.
Anyways, if you are interested, click here to see the full schedule of when they will be administering them at your local Meijer!

That brings me to my next question. Do you get flu shots for your kids? I have some seasons and have not others. I really do not know if I saw a difference? So, I am a little confused as to whether this is one more chemical thing to put into my kids or just to pass....
Let me know your thoughts, I am all ears!

It's Finally Here!

Ok, I have been waiting a long time for this! It is the season premiere of Greys Anatomy! Yeah, I need to see how this all pans out.. Anyways, let me cover them all to be fair!

  • 8:00 p.m.
  • Ugly Betty (ABC) A bright but out of the ordinary looking woman is like a fish out of the water working at a glitzy high end fashion magazine. This is funny. I watched for 2 seasons, then, for some reason, I didn't have time, but I wish I did and will try to make time this season!
  • Survivor:Gabon (CBS) This is for you dad! This is the 17th season! I remember Richard Hatch! Wow, well they are stranded in Gabon, Africa, competing for a cool million!
  • My Name is Earl (NBC) Also a father's fave! A petty crook sets out to make amends in his life. He thinks karma is everywhere and is trying to fix his wrong doings!
  • 9:00 p.m.
  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC) I love it!! Fifth season opener..will Meredith and Derek fall back in love? What will happen with the rest of the interns turned residents? Stay tuned...
  • The Office (NBC) This is also the fifth season opener which has Harry Crane punching in with Micheal Scott and co. at Dunder Mifflin.
  • 10:00 p.m.
  • ER (NBC) The beginning of the end. The final season of ER will have some surprise visits from old cast members...I am sure this season will be worth watching! I used to watch so long ago, but then life happened and I had to pick and choose. But, I really think this will be a good one!
There it is, the Thursday line-up....stay tuned for Sundays line-up...It's gonna be good!

Things We Love Thursday!!

Ok, the thing that I love unlimited text messaging package on my cell phone! That probably sounds funny, but it is absolutely something I could not live without! Text messaging is great. I feel like many people are scared..they are not sure how to send a text, etc. It's a technological fear...I had it once too. But once I got over it, I had to switch to the plan. Here are the reasons you should try texting:

  1. It is only around $5 to add the unlimited feature on your phone. Check with your service provider.
  2. My nieces and nephews are beginning to get cell phones (they are rounding the teenage years) and it is a great way to communicate with them! They do not want to talk (they are a little "busy" these days) but they will answer a text in a second! They look cool, you get to find out how they are, etc. and everyone is happy
  3. My husband can reply to my normal questions (when will you be home, when should I have dinner ready, what do you want for dinner, can you get some milk on your way home, etc.) while he is at work. I used to try to call, missing him most of the time for various reasons. Now he almost always replies!
  4. I cannot talk on the phone! As soon as the phone hits my ear, the kids think it suddenly means "NO RULES HOUR>>>GO CRAZY!!!". So, when I need some important info., even just a "hi, everything ok?", I can get it.....shoot a text, one comes back and the kids did not even know I conversed with someone other than them!
So, there it is...all the reasons I love texting! It really is a great feature! You should try it out if you have not yet!

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