Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, I have not posted in a few days..gosh, all of this change..kids going back to school, etc. It is really a hard transition to prioritize here. I want to be on top of the game, but want to relax a little too, spend quality time with the kids.. So I am trying to find a happy medium.
I did get the old navy jeans...very hectic, but what a great purchase! They seem really nice too. So I am happy about those.
There is one really good coupon this week.. .50 cents off cottonelle toilet paper. They sell it for .99 at Kroger, so when the coupon doubles, it will be free! yeah!!!
There are a lot of other grocery deals, check out the two frugal blogs listed at the sidebar of this page! Great deals.
Oh, and one last thing, those grapes on sale at Kroger are awesome!!! I froze half, what a great summer treat, and just left the other half in the refrigerator. They are so sweet and wonderful!!!

Meijer MealBox 3