Tuesday, September 2, 2008


As you may have noticed we figured out the link thing, so if you see something written in red or another color, click on it and it will take you to the page or the information we are talking about...How easy and convenient!!!! It is a bright sunshiny day, now we can really give and show great tips!!!!!


One of our favorite times of the year...cooler temps, leaves changing colors, different smells and lots of different food, and yes, fall television!!!!!! We appreciate a good warm bowl of homemade soup, chili or a hearty pasta dish. Well, we enjoy it a lot more in front of the television with one of our favorite fall shows (Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Samantha Who, Pushing Daisies, Notes from the Underbelly, Desperate Housewives, and the list goes on and on!) So, i am posting the fall television schedule here. If you love these shows as much as us, join us while we omg and dish on the hottest shows and give our critique of the new shows!!! Check back in periodically and we will alert when the shows are starting and recap he ones we watch the most! JOIN US!!!!

Free PopTarts

All the craze this week is the free PopTarts at Target. They are on sale 4 boxes for $9. If you buy this deal, you get a $5 gift card to Target in return. So, it ends up being only $4 for four boxes. Sweet deal, right? Well check out this post "Common Sense With Money" and it will give you a link to print out more coupons for even bigger savings...They could end up being free!!! Worth a look

Thanks Mercedes!

Red Box Code

I put a link in my side bar for "Redbox". I don't know if you have done it before, but it is so easy. It is one dollar per night, so you put a credit card in and it charges one dollar per day...Simple right? I have a code "DVDONME", and if you are a first time user, put this code in and you will get a movie free for one night. You need to go on their web site to find where a "Redbox" is near you. You can even reserve a movie on-line through their website. They also have free codes periodically for rentals, so sign up for e-mails, etc. It is a good deal and they have the latest movies too...so, you rent for one night, pay for one night! I always rent movies, you pay for 5 nights, watch it on the first and it collects dust for 4 more nights! Then you forget about it and it is late....that's how it goes in my house!
* if you rent and use the code for one free night, if you keep it for 2 nights or more, it will just begin to charge one dollar a day until they receive it back...=)


I have added a few new blogs to my side bar. If you click on them, they will take you to other blogs that focus mainly on being frugal and saving a lot of money. Also, some are about cooking, I love to cook and hopefully we will get it together and start posting our own recipes. We have been cooking a lot, but always forget to take pics!!! Nothing is as good as a great recipe with a picture, so we are working on that....but....in the meantime, check out these blogs. They really help save a lot of money and have some great tips!!! Unless you dislike free stuff, I think everyone will find good stuff there!!!

Where Does the Time Go?

The age is coming....you know the one. the child is getting a little older, wanting to play every sport possible...things you didn't even know existed! So, I am just entering this world. I am really a little lost here. I mean, I want my kids to play everything, why would I say no to anything...right? But, at what point does it get to be too much? I mean, they are coming home from school and you are right out the door to go to this practice or that game. I wouldn't want to deprive them, but I do want some control and family time left. How do you balance it all.
I happen to have a wonderful resource, she has been through it recently, so she always has great tips for me. I think I may follow her advice, tweak it a little for my particular situation, but follow for the most part. She says one activity at a time and that particular activity cannot be more than 3 days a week. She has a child getting a little older who participated in a sport...5 days a week, games on the weekend, etc. How hectic! Wasn't the best experience! SO, I just started my first activity..and we are going to see how it goes! What a journey though and how exciting to see your children "playing on a team" etc. I can not wait!
Some ideas for activities don't even need to be costly..you can find things at your local library, church, gym, community center, local colleges, everywhere! You just have to look a little!
So, my question (click on comment below and let me know) is what is your advice and how do you handle all the hectic running, meanwhile, making it fair for all of the children in the house?

Super Savings

So, with all this "back to school" things going on, I have been having some great gift ideas. I have seen crayons for 22 cents!! This is only the beginning.....folders for .05, glue for free, glue sticks for 1.00, packs of erasers for next to nothing, etc. I am sure if you have small children, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, anyone who may be in school, you have seen these sales. Well, I am going to begin stocking up on these things. What great little "extras" for a young child's birthday. You buy them an gift and then wrap some crayons, folders, glue etc. with it. We all love to get "new" things... Let's remember back...how great was a brand new pack of crayons? So, for next to nothing (especially this time of the year), you can put a little extra smile on a child's face!

Trader Joes Tuesday!

So, Trader Joe's is one of my favorite stores of all time! You can buy such affordable items there for really reasonable prices. I managed to figure out how to put a link in the side bar, so if you see "The Summers ending meal guide" you can click on it and it will take you to their website and give you so many great meal ideas! Definitely worth checking out! Enjoy!
Oh and that strawberry shortcake for 4.99....yummy!!!

Update on Fall Paint Colors

We hope that everyone had a fantastic Labor Day!! The weather was absolutely perfect here...hot, but still perfect for outdoor activities! First just wanted to explain the post below....while researching ways to make our blog have more features..we came across that message on a blog tool website. We thought it was funny...so, hope that it made you laugh..or at least smile..=)

So, for the colors..we now have a link to Sherwin Williams on our page so that you can access and view colors, ideas, tips, etc. Better to have the image to go with the description right??Enjoy!!

Meijer MealBox 3