Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Coupons

Being the beginning of the month, the coupons at have reset. I looked there a few days ago and found nothing. I just looked today and whoa! Great coupons! Some of my favorite coupons?
  • Pillsbury ready made dough. You can usually get these for under $1 and they have a long shelf life! I love doing this with the kids as a project. They roll the dough balls, we put sprinkles, chocolate chips, shapes....I mean the world is the limit here! There are no rules when it comes to homemade cookies!
  • Pillsbury pizza crusts. At least one store always has these on sale every week. They cost next to nothing. Also, a long shelf life! These are awesome! I always have cheese and some sort of canned tomatoes or sauce, so again...kid project. the sky is the limit here too!
  • Bars of soap. I admit, I am not very "brand loyal". I tend to be sick of things pretty quickly, so I like to switch it up! With these coupons, I rarely pay more than $1 for bars of soap!
  • There is a coupon for Bonne Bell Lipsmackers. I have tons of nieces who love these things...Great Birthday or Christmas gifts! Plan ahead!
  • Frosting and cake mix coupons. Again, these end up costing me under $1. For this much, I can bake a delicious cake and again, give the kids something to do. I also love the oven in these chilly months!
  • Soup. Does it get any easier than soup for lunch? These canned soups have come a long way too! They have a delicious french onion in the new Campbell's line! It is enough for me to heat a can of soup, eat half, then eat the other half the next day! These also end up costing around $1 or less, depending!
So, those are some of the ones I love and why. Just click on the "see all coupons" on the coupon box in the side bar and check the ones you want. Hit print and you are ready to go!

KMart is Doubling Coupons $2 and Less!

There is a little rumor going around that Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2! This means if you have a coupon for $2 off of something, it would double to $4 off that product! I am sure there are many things to be gotten for free here! I have two separate posts on this with more info.
  • Click here to see what Coupon Cravings is saying!
  • Click here to see what Cincinnati Cents is saying!
I have not gone, there really isn't a Kmart in my area. I know alot of friends and family that does have Kmart. My advice is to call your local store first to see if this is, indeed, true? There seems to be a lot of speculation. Wow....worth a phone call though if it is indeed true!

Works for Me Wednesday

This is a post for Works For Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer. Today's theme is kitchen organization. I have to say, I probably lack in this department, so I will be reading everyone else's tips!
The best tip I use that I have to offer is this. I have quite a large pantry with a lot of shelves. My organization tip I use in my pantry is to put the stuff I want the kids, (I have a 2 and 4 year old), to eat low, so they can grab things themselves. I place granola bars, cereal, raisins, cereal bars, fruit snacks, etc. down low. They tell me they are hungry and they can go in and grab a snack. The things I moderate, I put up high; i.e. chips, snack cakes, and messy things I do not want them to get into. This frees up a lot of the "Mom, can you help me's?" throughout the day. I also like knowing they are making food choices themselves at such a young age!

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