Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Frugal Saver's Dream

So, I stumbled onto something tonight and I am not even sure how? I am so excited to try and use this tool, that I forgot where I was or why I found it. You need to go to and click on grocery circulars, it will give you a list of all of the sale items at your area grocery stores and compare them! (sorry, I am new and have not figured out how to put a link in my blog yet?). This is how you do it....type your zipcode when it prompts you and all of your stores are listed. I clicked on manage my stores, as I do not shop at them all. I choose the ones I normally look at. I then clicked on the "beginners list" and it has all of your basic grocery category's, which you click on and it gives you a list of all sales and at what store!! It is awesome and I was wishing for something like this! So, when I need an item, or have a coupon for something, I can search for it on there and it will come up where I will get the best deal! This is too good to be true! Yeah!!!
*I went back and found this info on Thanks!!!

Saving on Fuel

As we all know fuel costs are at an all-time high. One thing that I have found helpful is to fuel up at speedway stations. They offer a "speedy rewards" program that is quite useful! You earn points for every dollar that you spend, including not only fuel, but purchases in the store as well. Plus, if you purchase a speedy cash card (gift card) you can earn 1,000 bonus points instantly!! However, you must put at least $50 on it in order to receive the bonus points. The rewards program is completely free of charge and you can rack up those points over time to earn free fuel cards.

Trader Joe's Tuesday

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite stores to shop at. If there was one closer, I would be there at least once a week. We are going to start a feature Trader Joe's Tuesdays, where will be post about new products, sales, great existing products and recipes there. I have tried a lot of items at Trader Joe's, (they have a return policy..if you aren't 100 % satisfied you return the item no questions asked) but, I have not been disappointed. What I try there is, usually, above my expectations. They have so many easy to prepare jarred sauces, heat and eat food, and the best frozen peirogies I have ever had!!!! So, I am going to post a little bit about some certain "back-to-school" items that may work in your budget and be a healthier alternative.
TJ's Mac and Cheese:
No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and at .99 a box....a steal!
TJ's organic alphabet pasta:
No preservatives, all natural and organic. Kids will have fun with this alphabet pasta and only 1.49 a box! Can't go wrong!
TJ's applesauce cups:
Made from organic sweet apples, these are not boiled or steamed as with most applesauces. They peel the apple and then just crush them naturally. The end product....A much sweeter and fresher tasting applesauce your kids will love! For only 2.29/4 it's a "sweet" deal!

*courtesy of Trader Joe's Aug/Sept 08 newsletter

Scrapbooking...thing of the past

So, I read about this website on my favorite celebrity gossip website (there is a roll on the side bar from it=)). It is It is awesome! Our "resident designer" is finishing up one right now and it is going to be awesome! It is a more presentable form of scrapbooking. You put your pics on there, sayings, scripture, stories, etc. Whatever you want!!! They have beautiful, cute, cool templates, so you can design it however you feel. It is super easy and user friendly! The end result? A beautiful book, with a hard cover, you can put on a coffee table, give as a gift, etc. The opportunities are endless. You can start your own "family encyclopedia" with seasons as volumes. I love to scrapbook, but lets face's difficult to start, getting everything you need, the mess, kids getting into it, etc. As bloggers, one thing is for sure, we all love our computers! So, using this system allows you to make high quality "scrapbooks" with the convenience of everything you need at your fingertips!!! And, the reasonable and possibly less than an actual scrapbook..It averages around 50.00 give or take, but don't we all spend that on scrapbooks, stickers, paper, pictures? We will post about it when we actually receive it to see the actual quality, etc. !!!

Back to School

So, back to school time is here. The kids around here were picked up by their yellow school buses this morning. How weird to hear the sounds of those buses coming down the street. It really feels like yesterday they were let out for summer break. I remember feeling like summer break was 6 months long, when I was a child. What happens to time when you get older. It just goes away so fast! So, my son is starting preschool this year and I have such mixed feelings! I am so sad for him to not be with me everyday. He is always here with me, my "little buddy". I know from here on out, he only gets busier and more away from home...Did i cherish the first four years he was with me? Did I say one too many times, "Can't wait until I can go to the grocery store alone!", because he is starting now and I know I am gonna miss him...I still have my little girl, and it will be awesome having alone time with her, but I have to say I am still sad about my "little buddy" growing up!!!! Any good words of wisdom or stories about your "little guys"?

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