Wednesday, November 5, 2008

10 Item Mega Sale

So, I have been to Kroger about 4 times in 2 days! I can not get enough. When you are walking out with 10 things for $5, how can you help yourself?
So, I have been noticing there are some things on the mega item event that are not listed in the paper! Two things I have noticed are dish washing soap (not sure which brand exactly) and some sugar free candies (there were coupons in the paper last weekend for them! I did not cut them, I just did not think I would use them!) Oh well, my point is, if you have some time to kill (because we all do...right?) you might want to walk through and look and see what is on sale. Take notes, go back home, check coupons and come up with a game plan! Please let me know if you find some extra good deals! I think I may go in the morning, so I will post if I find some new deals!

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Michele said...

I wish we had Krogers in NJ!!!

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