Monday, November 3, 2008

Great Clothing Deals

I hit up a few outlet stores today and I found some great deals! If you are lucky enough to have an "outlet mall" by your house, be sure to try and make it there! Children's Place had awesome deals.
  • 1.99 long sleeve thermals
  • 3.99 coat vests
  • 1.99 accessories (hats, belts, etc.)
  • 4.99 for shoes
Gosh, the list goes on and on! Old Navy, Carter's and Gap also had some great deals on kids coats!

So, I was feeling a little bored with my daughters wardrobe and was trying to think of a way to "cuten" it up! Well, while at the outlet stores, I found a lot of tank top dresses and things like that. They were anywhere from 1.99-3.99! Not bad. Well, I loved them and realized I could put turlenecks or long sleeve t-shirts under them to "winterize"! Throw them with some jeans, leggings, or sweater tights and I have one stylin little girl on the cheap!!! Try is very cute!!

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