Thursday, November 6, 2008

Old Navy Does it Again!

Old Navy is at it again! They are really pushing for people to come shop on the weekends!
I saw this ad on television (during Grey's Anatomy, love it!), so I do not know all of the details exactly. Here is what I do know....
  • Half price on all outer wear. It is for one week, but I do not know the exact days. This should be a great deal though. Click here for the link! Everyone could use an exra puffy coat!
  • $1 hats and scarves! Yes, that is $1!!!! (These are in store on Sat. only) I will buy one for everyone I know...think about it, wrap a scarf around a gift, wrap something in a hat...I mean, this is a great little extra for gifts for Christmas! Be creative...=)
I love Old Navy! Oh and Kroger too!

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